Astroid tasksのRemember the Milk対応について

Android用のtodoアプリのAstrid tasksがRemember the Milkと同期出来なくなっていますが、Astridの開発元のHPに詳しい説明と対処法が記載されていました。



Unfortunately, we are unable to offer some of Astrid’s new premium features for Remember the Milk users without violating their API Terms of Use.

To make sure that as many of you who would like, can continue to synchronize with Remember the Milk we are providing a version of Astrid that disables the

Add-on’s extensibility, and hence will not have commercial use potential.

Astrid側で新しく有料サービスを始めた事によりRemenber the Milk側が規定するAPIの利用条件に抵触する様です。


上記説明ページ(http://weloveastrid.com/rtm/)から、有料サービスが無効になっていてRemember the Milkと同期出来るバージョンのファイル(.apk形式)がダウンロード出来ますので、端末にコピーしてファイラーからクリックしてインストールします。(3rdパーティ製のアプリを許可する設定にしておく必要があります。)


ちなみに、上記Remenber the Milk側が規定する利用条件とは以下です。


Application for Commercial Use.
If you are interested in commercial use of the API, please share your business proposal via our contact form: http://www.rememberthemilk.com/help/contact/business/. You can't be too specific about your intended use of the Remember The Milk Commercial API! Lack of specificity or supporting information could delay your application indefinitely. When in doubt, it's always better to include more detail about your application.
Please note that in some cases we may grant your request for a commercial API key subject to your payment of fees, such as to help cover infrastructure costs.

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