App InventorでAndroid用アプリ作成(Regza予約メール作成アプリ)

Last Update ; 10/Nov/2011

Googleが無償提供している開発ツールのApp Inventorを使ってAndroid用アプリを作成してみました。







以下のリンクからApp Inventorのセットアップ用ファイルをダウンロードし、ダブルクリックしてインストールします。


インストールが出来たら、My Projectsから新規のプロジェクトの画面デザインと構成要素を決めます。

次に、Blockes Editorでロジックを組み立てていきます。





App Inventorは、現時点では、単純なプログラムしか組めず、制限事項も多いのですが、簡単にプログラム作成が出来る点は斬新です。

追記(10/Nov/2011) ; App Inventorのサポートは終了するそうです。

As we announced on the App Inventor Announcement Forum, Google will end support for App Inventor on December 31, 2011, after which data in appinventorbeta.com will not be accessible and will be deleted from Google servers.  You can preserve your App Inventor projects by simply clicking on the Download All Projects button on your My Projects page.  This will download to your computer a zipped archive of all your projects.  We recommend you retrieve your projects well before December 31st.
By the end of 2011 Google will also be making the complete App Inventor source code publicly available under an open source license, so that anyone can study the code and modify it as they desire. 
In order to ensure the future success of App Inventor, Google has funded the establishment of a Center for Mobile Learning at the MIT Media Lab.  Sometime in the first quarter of 2012, the Center plans to provide an App Inventor service for general public access, similar to the one Google is currently running.
In order for you to continue working with your projects in an open source instance (MIT or otherwise) of App Inventor you will need to download your data from appinventorbeta.com before December 31st and later upload them to an open source instance as it becomes available.
Please visit the App Inventor user forums to get future updates on App Inventor.  You can also visit http://mobilelearning.mit.edu/ for updates on what is being done with App Inventor at MIT. 

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